To factory rest your Grandstream GXP2130 please follow the directions below or watch our quick video. 

Step-By-Step Guide Below.

Press the MENU button. 

Once you are in the phone’s menu, scroll using the Left arrow key (4Times) until you get to System

Once the System Menu is highlighted press the MENU button. 

From there, you will then use your Down arrow key to select OperationsFactory Reset.

Once Operations-Factory Reset is Highlighted in yellow press your MENU Button 

Once you hit this, a warning window will pop up to make sure this is really what you want to do. This is because once you reset the phone….there is no going back.

Press the Yes softkey to confirm, and then the phone will begin to reboot after a few moments. If by chance (when you are face-to-face with the warning window) you begin to have second thoughts, simply hit the No softkey instead.