To access your conference system from Air Link, Follow these Simple Steps:

Dial your access Number:

The default numbers are  *CONF (*2663) from your Air Link Phone or from outside our network at 1.844.447.3978 If you’ve requested your own access number you will need to dial that number instead of the default numbers.

After the voice prompt, enter your PIN number we assigned to you.

Key Codes

The following commands are available to control conference calls from the touch tone keypad

*1 Self-Mute

To mute your line, enter *1 To unmute your line, enter again.

*2 Lock/Unlock conference

This feature allows the Moderator to lock the conference in order that no participants can join it. To lock the conference, the Moderator enters *2. To unlock the conference, the Moderator enters *2 again.

To request unmuting, a participant presses  *2, and the Moderator can see this request on the web-interface. (Custom Access Number Only)

*3 Disconnect last person who joined the conference
*4 Increase the listening volume.

*6 Decrease the listening volume.

*7 Decrease the speaking volume.

*8 Exit the menu.

*9Increase the speaking volume.

**Start recording (Moderator only). Recording will stop automatically when the conference ends. (Custom Access Number Only)